Dorene Sanchez Faces Charges for Being an Accessory After the Fact in the Bryan Stow Beating

August 2, 2011

Late last month, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested three suspects in the highly publicized beating of Giants’ fan Bryan Stow that took place earlier this year at Dodger Stadium. One of the suspects, Dorene Sanchez faces charges for being an accessory after the fact under California law. Sanchez is one of the other suspect’s sister and possibly the other suspect’s long-time partner or wife.

Authorities have released very little information about Sanchez’s suspected involvement. It is unknown whether police believe that she is the woman witnesses saw driving the two suspected assailants away from the stadium after the attack, though the “accessory after the fact” charge supports that notion.

Under California law, a person may be convicted of being an accessory after the fact when he/she aids or assists another person in an effort to escape from arrest, trial, conviction and/or punishment. Driving a “get away” car is actually a classic example of how someone would be charged with being an accessory after the fact in California.