Travel Restrictions for a Felony Conviction

Travel restrictions are often one of the consequences of a felony conviction in California. These can occur a number of ways.

First, a judge may directly impose travel restrictions as a condition of probation. This may also include restrictions on going to certain types of places – such as schools or shopping malls – even within the city where the defendant is living.

Second, the standard terms of felony probation or parole often require that the convicted person live and remain in the county of conviction. A person placed on felony probation in Los Angeles County, for example, will generally be precluded from moving to another county or another state during the period of probation.

A person can sometimes get special permission to move out of county. But that process can be arduous and expensive.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions as such can undermine a convicted felon’s rehabilitation plans. It may prevent him from moving away to take a god job opportunity or live with family. And it may keep him in the jurisdiction where his drug dealers and crime partners are also present.