March 19, 2009

Attorney Darrell York Joins the Shouse Law Group

Attorney Darrell York Joins the Shouse Law Group

Darrell York , a former 24-year veteran law enforcement officer with the Glendale Police Department , has joined the Los Angeles-based Shouse Law Group.

During his police career, Darrell York undertook a wide range of assignments...from patrol to narcotics to internal affairs to sergeant and watch commander. He made literally thousands of arrests, investigated nearly every type of crime, and trained new police recruits.

Now as a criminal defense attorney, Darrell York uses this extensive police background to aid him in investigating and defending criminal cases for his clients. Mr. York works on all kinds of criminal cases, from Penal Code 187 murder to fraud to Penal Code 273.5 domestic violence . But he maintains a particular focus on California DUI and drunk driving law.

The Shouse Law Group is a firm of California criminal defense lawyers comprised largely of former police and former prosecutors. The firm has offices in Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange county, San Bernardino and Riverside.

March 13, 2009

Clark County Detention Center is Safe Without Segregation

Four years ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Johnson v. California that California may no longer segregate prisoners based on race except in the most extraordinary of circumstances. California argued that separating the races was sometimes the surest way to ensure prisoner safety. The Clark County Detention Center, the largest jail in Las Vegas, Nevada, continues to prove California wrong.

The Clark County Detention Center boasts a superlative safety record without having resorted to segregationist policies. Although the Las Vegas jail abounds with gang members, they are safer and more secure behind bars than on the streets. Fights between inmates do break out, but the watchful jail officials manage to intervene before anyone can get seriously hurt or worse.

The Clark County Detention Center does separate out its inmates, but it’s based on non-discriminatory factors, such as the severity of their crimes and their criminal records. Las Vegas Police Lt. Rich Forbus demands strict supervision and weapons checking from his staff, and he has jail officials continuously monitoring any and all gang activity. Jail officials don’t even carry guns, which in itself makes the Las Vegas jail safer--that way, inmates can’t grab them. “All we carry here is pepper spray and keys,” Lt. Forbus said.

March 4, 2009

San Bernardino Cocaine Trafficking Probe

In November 2008, the Press-Enterprise reported in a story on the developments in a large-scale federal cocaine trafficking probe in San Bernardino County. A criminal complaint in San Bernardino Superior Court names 19 defendants and includes felony counts for a range of offenses associated with a criminal drug case.

California drug trafficking cases often involve multiple charges originating from different sections of the federal Controlled Substances Act. In the San Bernardino drug probe, some of the charges mentioned in the Press-Enterprise story are conspiracy, cocaine transportation, and possessing cocaine for sale.

Any one of these charges is quite serious for the defendants involved. Depending on the quantities of cocaine involved in the case, first-time offenders listed as defendants in this case and charged with possessing cocaine for sale could receive up to 10 years in prison as a minimum sentence. Prior felony drug convictions increase jail time and other penalties by a considerable amount.

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